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millie-bio-img-3Raphaella McNamara

Welcome to the new and revised world of  With Love; the encyclopaedia-rific compass, to all things Raphaella.

Raphaella With Love is a UK-based, international Playboy Model and fine art Muse, signed with agencies in Manchester, Birmingham and London, for commercial, fashion, and TV bookings.

Over the last 5 years, Raphaella has worked with some of Europe’s most acclaimed photographers, accumulating dozens of worldwide publications, book covers, look books, sculptures, paintings and more.

Trained as a professional dancer, Raphaella’s unique skill set, ambition and passion for the aesthetic arts, is what has kept her in international demand for over half a decade.

With the hands-on industry experience gained, Raphaella is now branching out into the fields of Photography, Styling and Creative Direction.

This website aims to provide you with all you need to know, on the anomaly that is Raphaella… coupled with what’s hopefully, a visually fulfilling web-net experience.

Happy browsing.

With Love….