Aztec Spice & All Things Nice.

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If Amsterdam was a cafe, BonBon is the embodiment…Welcome to the darker side of life…

Ninety-Five Percent darker and undisputedly tastier actually. This tool shed, sized box of cultivated bliss, is nestled in the heart of Manchester’s nifty Northern Quarter; with a view (like most of its inhabitants) of the cursed, NCP monstrosity.

-Side note to Manchester City Council and director of eyesore operations…. If you can’t bulldoze down this unwanted car container from 1977, then please do, to take a (no pun intended) leaf out of Arquitectonica’s book, with their revolutionary gift to Miami, the ‘Ballet Valet’.

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Let’s plaster the life out of our hated, brown, beast; with Wisteria/Virginia creeper, or climbing forestry of your choice. The birds, the bees and the citizens of the village within the city, will eternally thank you. You don’t have to worry about watering it, after all, we do live in the wettest city north of Atlantis. What’s more, I here now submit myself, to be the official abseiling, secateur-armed greenskeeper, of the automobile veiling jungle to be.

(Staff vacancy’s available. Green-fingered peoples, please apply within… Providing at least several photographic examples, of plants you have lovingly maintained/resurrected. *Cacti not included).

….Back to the beauty, that is BonBon though.

If your on some ‘No Carbs Before Marbs’ or wacky ‘Baby Food’ diet, then please wait outside. Seating is on the EXTREMELY  limited side, at this shindig, (in fact, I think there’s a whopping grand total of 4 seats, to be frank). So this isn’t one for the Bah-Mitzvahs, octuplets and even those bearing a larger than Miniature-Schnauzer sized back pack.

But if you’re a sweet tooth, down for a rainy Tuesday solo escape, this is the place you ought to be.

Bonbon presents a refined feast, of the naughtiest kind. The richest of home-brewed, coco bean induced lovelies, are there for the taking and rustically presented, to the sounds of Rockabilly FM. The onsite artisan cooked yummies, display the most unlikely and unique concoction of flavoured fancies, with one for every taste bud.

From an ‘Aztec Chilli Hot Chocolate’ to ‘Pink Salted Caramels’ and ‘Coconut Cream and Lemongrass Truffle’s’,  your visit is to sure to ensue, an eye-rolling arousal of the senses.

If you come lacking kindle, doodle pad or pal, do not fret. There’s a side order of chock-a-block shelves, brimming with aptly (and only), chocolatier ‘How to’s’, ‘Must do’s’ and ‘The Art Of’ books.

This joint gets, two sugar coated thumbs up from me. I simply jadore the decor & the feed is just fine indeed.

Bonbon virgins, get on down.

With Love Raphaella x

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