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A balletic editorial, featuring model Raphaella With Love photographed by Jeff Tuliniemi for Kaiouti magazine.


ell Hello, Inter-estrials!

It’s been a luna of a time since my beatnik banter, last graced your monitors for sure.
The whereabout’s of my being, can mostly be spied at the flavoursomely filtered, world of Raph-stgram. The whereabouts of my head space however, is any muther-cluckers guess.
But take these words, as my declare, under virtual oath; To sustain said drivel, driven, journalism, of the helter-sketlter life I lead, for the forceable future.

Its almost 12months to the day, since that beautiful-in-blue, ball of malting fur, landed in my lap. Twenty whopping Kilo’s down the line and that once diddy, designer dog, still opts for my bony-ass lap, as its prized, perching position.
Yes he grew. He grew big… And long gone where my idolised idea’s, of a pooch in my purse and off I so pop. Truth be told, we now require a trailer, a third income and a shipping order of tooth brushes and Henry-hoover parts, thats he’s demonstrated a distinct penchant for. *Touch wood, my beloved home furnishings and precious paraphernalia, have remained pleasantly, canine nasher free!
In all seriousness though, I dramatically underestimated how just how much hard work, this new wrinkle-some acquaintance would be. Long gone are the days of coming and going as one pleases and long gone are the days or ever appearing remotely glamorous (not entirely sure, I ever did though..) and adorning anything that inst glazed in a layer of glistening slobber.
And don’t dare even get me crack-a-lackin, on the migraine that is, the shudder provoking sounds of the ‘VET’! Those three tiny alphabet characters, are enough to make a grown man cry… But mostly just me… quite regularly.

*Note to future self: A mongrel will save your hair line. A pedigree will bleed your purse.



…Doom, gloom and enormously glum gabble aside, every cloud has its silver lining… and in my case he’s blue. And this lining has doused my being in utter joy. OK, so he only competent in the one expression.  But such mono-erific grumpiness, brings a whole lotta smiles, to a whole lotta folk.

Mummyness with Mr. Maximus, has brought me and taught me so much more than I could have ever envisaged; And lavishly priced, precarious dietary requirements or not, the unified homely existence ive gained, is quite frankly priceless. :D

Now get your butts over to his little wedge of the social network and prepare your self for a magnitude, of corrugated face selfies. @MrMaximusTheSharpei

….In other notoriously romantically news, one is very much engaged. Yes engaged I tell thee! A House, a dog and now a ruddy engagement, I only went and got myself all grown up, didn’t I.
Now all I need is some no-nonsense eating habits (a crate of calypso’s for breakfast, just won’t do) and one of them fancy 9-5 office jobs; And hey presto! You’ve got yourself a bonerfied adult type. ;)

But we’ll continue with that short biopic next time.

Meanwhile, heres a preview of the dreamy little editorial ‘My soul whispers’ taken by photographer Jeff Tuliniemi for Kaiouti Magazine.

raphaella mcnamara - Jeff Tuliniemi

raphaella withlove

raphaella with love model - Jeff Tuliniemi

A balletic editorial, featuring model Raphaella With Love photographed by Jeff Tuliniemi for Kaiouti magazine.

raphaella model Jeff Tuliniemi



















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