Back to School.


ear universe, Holy divinity, almighty sorcerer… (Insert supernatural karma spurting force, of choice here_____). My fore years called; they want the rug from beneath their feet back. Yes the rather comfortable, shagpile of a life; I had steadily built, is far beyond sorely missed, by these size two, cuboid hooves…. As is sand, ocean, trampolines and tandem’s… In fact, to only feel the spindles of a grassy mound in Moss Side, between my toes, would actually be amply therapeutic, at this pushing September stage. Anything but these blasted wooden floors, compete with annual SharPei shedding’s would be a winning ticket really.

Any-who, Happy Holidays to you all.

…Well, happy national cease of financial dealings and the ability to withdraw Wonga, from the first 10 attempted ATM units, in your local area, if you may. And the real annual marker, that our evenings no longer belong to our barbequing selves but the giant curtain call in the sky named autumn. I do however hope you’ve all divulged in a fine use, for this limited edition, 24hour injection of recreational possibilities and are actually digesting this jibber-jabber on Tuesday, at your earliest.

I however, on week 4000 (or so), of ill fated fettle, am only made aware of its happening, no thanks to the manifestation, of the multitudes of suburban escapees, that have ascended, circus style, upon my most favorable of neighborhoods. No less, dressed to impress; in costume so tight, deep vein thrombosis looks set to strike at any moment and clodhoppers so high, Bambi on ice ain’t got nothin’ on it.

Said descriptions may indeed present themselves as the perfect recipe for eye bleach and a guaranteed sleepless night. But in fact, what you’ve actually got is the uncut episode of Planet Earth, which the BBC failed to show. With peppermint tea-slurping narrations, provided by yours truly and some seriously, symphonic, snore sound tracks, by my sidekick in cinema, Mr. Maximus the SharPei.

Well, that’s quite enough chat about the accumulating colonies, of intoxicated Homo sapiens on my doorstep and back to the never dull reality’s of my own existence….

My operation is indeed out of the way, though many more I fear (I know) precede me. And although the prognosis wasn’t altogether spiffing, the ‘C’ word that has intoxicated my every thought, since its disclosure in Mid May, looks set to be ruled out my life for now. Though in turn my entity has truly and thoroughly been turned upon its perpetually dizzy head, with all previous wishes, intentions and ideologies, well and truly out of the window. In the crashing down to earth words, of my sonically skilled with a scalpel surgeon, “This disease probably won’t end your life, but will probably ruin your life”. Yes a pretty hard pill to swallow. An even hardcore-er drink or twelve would be rather welcomed around now, but of course I’m on a small Pharmacy worth of things that end in ‘cillin’, to fight infection…. Go figure!!

But all things aside, I’m feeling positively wonderful. Like, next level wonderful, like I haven’t felt in what seems a bygone time. Though pain is indeed still moderate and my incisions are still in the very early stages of their lengthy healing cycle; I am liberated from not only a wheelchair but the textbook of debilitating side effects, that have made the mere task of being alive, just so damn difficult for to damn long. Goodbye full time care and HELLO VITALITY!! Greeting’s, you once seemingly grinding daily deeds and Ciao for now to my companions Mr & Mrs hot water bottle! I am so full with joy, to be turning this new unknown chapter of adulthood. Though challenge laced it may well be, I relish in the prospects of making up for lost time, in both the moneybags and memories department’s.

Thus, I am thrilled to announce, I am now taking BOOKINGS for my return to voguing conquests! Preferably not on the so strewn over a trapeze and contorted into a Capri-Sun carton, fashion to start with; with a posing repertoire that will trustfully appeal to the more whimsically charged, creative portrait artists out there.

SO…. If you’ve pondered the intention of hiring my musing expertise, now would be the paramount moment to do so. For this month only, I’m rolling out a whopping £60 off FLASH SALE, for all-day bookings this September. This offer is open to both known creative acquaintances and those new too, whom are looking to refresh their portfolios and artistic outlook.

For all enquiries, on the visual stills manufacturing matter…. Please get in touch, at my easy-peasy to use, contact page HERE!

I look forward to hearing from you soon. :)

In the meantime, if there’s any marvel at all, at what my services entail, here’s a little photographic interlude and pre-crippled catch up of my handy-work….

Raphaella McNamara by Paul Betts Photographer

Raphaella McNamara Art Nude Model

Raphaella WithLove Manchester Model

Copyright: Paul Betts Photography.

Fine Art Nude Model

Raphaella McNamara UK Model

Raphaella With Love Blogger Model Writer

Copyright: Jeremy Howitt Photography

Raphaella McNamara Art Nude Model

Raphaella McNamara Manchester Model

fine art nude model muse dancer model mayhem

Fine art nude model photography raphaella modelmayhem

Copyright: Max Operandi Photography

Rafaela With Love Nude Model


Raphaella, Ivory Flame, Rob Ellis Photography

Copyright: Rob Ellis Photography

High fashion photoshoot, Model, photogarpher


Manchester fashion blogger photographer Raphaella With Love

Karen Jones photography, raphaellawithlove

Copyright: Karen Jones Photography

Glamour Model, Nude Art Model

Copyright: Terry King Photography

With Love Raphaella x

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