UK Creative Director - Raphaella With Love

As  a freelancer, I’m a visual and conceptual thinker.

I aim to produce expressive, lasting and thought provoking content for the whole spectrum of platforms thrown at me, such as advertising, stock, editorial and endless digital/online media. I relish in the challenges of a brief. Working with large teams with contrasting ideas, only sharpens my creative output. I can design and execute an entire campaign or you book me solely as a creative director and event manager.

I am well versed in my contacts and can pull together full teams of talented and established creative’s across the board. As a trained dancer, I enjoy the choreography of coordinating people and animating something that was purely once an idea.

My aim is to create beautifully constructed visuals that captivate their audience. I take no satisfaction in half hearted work. Some people say…If there’s something worth doing, its worth doing well.. I say, If there’s something worth doing, Im going to be the God damn best at it.

And that world of with lovers, is how I work. :)

Raphaella x