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Orange Is The New Black… I beg to differ actually.

I look about as appropriate in Orange, as an impetigo facial manifesto on a fist date. That said, those all-in-onesies, forward slash, boiler suit, get up’s, sure do seem the key to a life time of endless cosy possibilities. Albeit, its high tide the Dragons on the Den, bestowed upon the nation, a handy new zipper scenario. I mean does ANYONE, get ANY satisfaction at all, in having to get COMPLETELY starkers, on an twilight in mid December, purely to take a tinkle? Surly not? Though I did overhear, that Angelina-the-mighty-Jolie dowses herself, in a casual daily (most likely deadly) brimming ice bath; all in the name of a full body toning. Which I may have been susceptible to attempting myself, just once or thrice. Thus, nothing would really astound me, at this stage.

Back to the realms of reality and the muchly coveted ‘OITNB’.

YES, YES and more YES. What a refreshing and or spicy, unexpected little lift, from our friends over at Netflix. ‘Unexpected’ in the sense, I had no preconceptions. Not that I have some, off-the-wall aversion to Netflix. Though I am largely confident, I paid a square £12.99 to RENT Artisto-freaking-cats, of recent… Just dropping that in there.

NOW, this series probably won’t change your life. You probably won’t be starved of sleep, after a month of binge-watching till 4am on a school night. And more relevantly,  it probably won’t consume your entity, to the point of a sanctioning to Broadmoor; when you begin to psychoanalyse the masses and find yourself throwing a wobbler, at the poultry counter in Asda, because the poor chap has a slither of a quirk, of Walter White.

BUT this show will lift your hearts and most likely your cheek bones. Whilst furthermore providing a fast-pass ticket, to an escape from the mundane, for an hour each evening, after your Stir Fry.

First off, let’s just take a half a minute to appreciate… My newfound inmate kinships. #YEAY!

What a truly masterful configuration of characterisation, on point acting performances and some seriously slick script-age. I’d say a wholesome three cheers to the casting department, is most certainly in order.

What really ‘tickles my pickles’ about Kohan’s latest dramedy, is these juicy nugget sized flashback chronicles, that each episode sweetly enlaces, amongst the rolling storyline. They not only humanise, but help develop such all rounded, hard not to love individuals. Thus, amongst the madness of the microcosm prison walls,  It’s hard not to forget these women where indeed once criminals & be swept up by a deep love and understanding for they’re persons.

This Netflix original, gets a handsome seven out of ten, sweet popcorns from me. With popcorn being the operative word! ‘OITNB’ is like bubble gum for the brain, a palate cleanser for the sole. Don’t take it (nor life) too seriously, your giggle-ometer will thank you.

Id just like to add, if I read another sanctimonious first-shaking thread, in my social networking tracks; I hereby forewarn to violently combust. If you REALLY care that “‘OITNB’ isn’t implementing an honest representation, of the american judicial system… and that it really matters because blah, blah, blah”… please kindly escort yourself over to the Discovery Channel. Where I’m sure Ross Kemp will kindly fill in any of the holes, on this giant misconception thats keeping you up at night.

With Love & dragon style, exhaling balls of fire, Raphaella x

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