Hump day Hell.


ere’s my problem … IT IS NOT ‘ASS WEDNESDAY’!!

Just plain old Wednesday will do just fine… and from what I can gather, it has been a perfectly adequate title, for the mid working week falling day, for our forefathers, for a handsome stack of centuries or so.

‘Orange Wednesday’s’, on the other hand, I can dig. But the cellular technogly giant’s in the sky, withdrew such thrills and now I’m back to the Saturday night (we totally saw you coming) price’s, curtsersy of the Highwayman named Odeon. But back to the butt… It’s not big (well, technically it could be..) but its not smart, it’s most definitely not a good look and It doesn’t make any freaking sense?!

You see every time you care to share a Belfie*… Well firstly just don’t! Secondly, remind yourself that several perma-blowdried Pomeranian Puppies will die, if you do so. And everytime you think it be a wise idea to retweet my fine art nude musings, with tags such as ‘Tits out Tuesday’ ‘Butt Bounces on the Bed Friday’ etc. etc… it makes me want to blow up  the internet and give up on humanity.

Apologies to the pleasantly uncorrupted, layman’s reading this, The Belfie*, if your still wondering, would be a self portrait of your ass crack. Yes you heard correctly.

Selfie + Butt = Belfie. Most likely with the soul purpose to titillate and gain several thousand creepy ass , love, likes and virtual thumbs up, from porn prowling, vagabonds of the inter web.

Yes the Belfie, bringing the sinking culture of our population, to a whole new cringe-worthy low, hashtag by hashtag. I’m sure the Suffragettes are sleeping just soundly tonight, knowing that the prosperous futures of the unborn great grand daughters they fought for, were being excersised in such revolutionary methods. NOT!!

Selfies, Belfies… Yada, yada. I’m sure there’s a wealth of other senseless-‘ies’, that I’m pretty oblivious to.. albeit I’d care not to discover. Unlike the ‘Belfie Stick’ I’ve just been so kindly informed about. Excuse me whilst I go and find great rocky height, to go launch pad my disbeleifing, nauseated self from.

With Love Raphaella x

Raphaella With love by Max Operandi photography

Raphaella With Love by Max Operandi Photography


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