Kim K…kill me now.

Kim Kardashian for Love Magazine by Steven Klein.

o whats grinding my gears this week? Well other than the Mount Fuji sized, annual, ungainly cold-sore, thats steadily multiplying upon my mush. Quite a few social hot topics actually.

Lets start with everybody’s most favorite social stench. The hugely celebrated, reality TV, churned out complexity; who’s talents are still yet to be successfully identified… KIM KARDASHIAN.

The Armenian once was beauty and her small country sized family, of equally waste of space siblings, have decorated our devices and goggle box’s for a quarter sized slice of my life. Im sure I needn’t give any introduction to the woman’s credentials.  Weather you care to know or not… weare forced fed every entity of Kim Kardashian’s soul, being and painfully insignificant antics on a daily basis. From the third world tragedies, of her broken beloved acrylic, right through to her vomit-bag onscreen marriages and even more so publicised divorces. The woman and her non-hit wonder family, bargian with devil everyday, in this circus seeming world we now live in. Not a world I’m a particular fan of. A world that has me considering, going all out AWOL,  a’la Bear Grylls style and escaping to a technologic free, tree house, somewhere slightly north of Papua New Guinea.

But whats got this media whore under my skin, this particular Monday eve? Two words… Love Magazine…


Kim Kardashian for Love Magazine by Steven Klein.

Kim Kardashian for Love Magazine by Steven Klein.

Kim Kardashian for Love Magazine by Steven Klein.

Kim Kardashian for Love magazine photographed by steven Klein

Kim Kardashian for Love magazine  by Steven Klein






























Now don’t get it twisted…. This ain’t some ‘skinny bashing’, finger waving, holier than thou, rant. I couldn’t give a flying a french fry, about her measurements, whether it be at the hand of cosmetic artistry or not. The thing Im really having some trouble digesting, is that faker than thing’s she represents, is the insincerity to this magazine content. Did we simply care to forget that this is the very same woman whom only 5minutes ago was sobbing and suing the life out of every publication, worth a dime; whether it be for allegedly leaked images on google and/or nude photos that she knowingly well posed for.

All of a sudden she’s remarried to a being, who’s astonishingly an even greater megalomaniac than herself (who’ da thunk such a thing existed). This man with a dangerously sized dollop of messiah complex, that I know far more about, than I’d care too; is quite clearly pimping out her posterior, at every opportunity, all in the name of good old ‘art’…

Oh what fine role models we have!

Putting that all aside….This woman simply CANNOT model. She is about as capable, of conveying ANY minuscule amount of emotion or mood, as my freaking protractor. She lacks grace, strength, fluidity, character and any other remotely engaging grains, that make a model. How very luckily for her, she had just a TINY helping hand from a rather accomplished photographer and guessingly a handsome army of aptly un-mentioned creatives, that would of scurried around, in the construction of this virally enveloping editorial, purely for that good old pay packet of ‘exposure’.


Underlying note… Un-orginal and uninspiring.

Kim Kardashian… Stick to your self-(righteous)-ies and leave the cover girl-ing to our, modern day supermodels and muses…. A’la Karlie Kloss, Tilda Swinton and Coco Rocha. Brilliant, capable and empowering Women, whom share only the very best of their biology with us.

I for one would be honoured, to walk in their shadow.

With Love Raphaella x


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