Spine Rain.


o I’m having one of them weeks/months, that’s categorically nose-dived into oblivion-some new depths, in the piranha filled tank of anxiety’s, that I call my life. Great…

In other quite inconceivable and I’m sure rather humorous news, to the unknowing ear… I’m in the midst of a two day tweeze fest, after shaking a Cactus in ‘Homebase’ this Tuesday.  Yes, that for me also, would be an ill-fated phrase I never thought I’d hear, nor certainly orchestrate, in this lifetime and surely not without the consumption of LSD.

But the mind works in mysterious ways and when said Cacti resembles the mitt of Mickey Mouse, it’s basically written in the constellations to shake it. Albeit in a giddy-rific wave like gesture, to your partner browsing the humble beading on aisle 2.

 What comes next is possibly no surprise, to the marginally sane. A spine needle confetti shower, of the finest prickly fuckers, filled the atmosphere like an ash cloud on heat and settled on every last fragment of my anatomy. This millisecond of madness, has culminated in what now feels like, I’ve partaken in a spot of ‘strictly-styled’ Lindy hop, with an unwilling Porcupine partner.

Lesson learned?… Just leave the chuffing succulents alone!

..Though I may have accidentally, brought the bugger home :)

Raphaella With Love

In rather aptly fashion, he’s some further Mickey-ing around.

Raphaella With Love Model photographed by James Ward.

Photographed by the wonderful James Ward.

With love Raphaella x

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    That is a complete diferent side of you. Beautiful smiley

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