The Devil wears Diamante.

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h heck! Its just another celluloid, from the gruesome twosome, Paul Ottey and I. OK, so that depiction may be a smudge too strong. But this video definitely reflects, the more apocalyptic side of our talents….

But then again, is this not, just the ultra demonic, inner real me? It does indeed portray, a rather spooky correlation, to an average Monday morning in the McNamara flagship. SERIOUSLY, when that iron aint steaming and that boiler named Lucifer aint giving up the good stuff, nobody’s safe from a shanking.

…As you may have fathomed, from the tone of my tinkling fingers, I’m still not in the finest of mental health spirits. Im really no fun to be around. Even my on again/off again relationship with my immune system, has gone Pete Tongue.  That iron snorting/ b12 injecting son of a gun, was like “fuck this shit” and walked right out on me. Thus, ive taken a square punch to the jaw, from every viral ailment circling the stratosphere, within the last 72 hours.

WOO! Go me! :/

But in all grown up and conventional adult behaviour, seriousness and stuff like that now… I hope you’ll enjoy the show.

Meanwhile… Ill just be over here prizing the dirty earth from my nails and fishing sappy ferns from my beehive.

With Love and hippies on broomsticks Raphaella x

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